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In 2009 we took a family trip to Clovis to support Jim at theUnited States Masters Swimmers Short Course Yards National Meet.

Following the meet and day trips around Fresno we ventured farther north into Oakhurst where we spent Mother's Day and stayed in the modern yet rustic Queen's Inn.

Then we drove into Yosemite Valley for a day of hiking and exploring.
We had lunch at the Awahnee Hotel and Merrik went fishing in the Merced River.

It was a beautiful time of year in the Valley and this short trip as a family will always be a fond memory.


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Kristianne Koch Photography
thoughtgap San Clemente, CA
After receiving my BFA in fine art photography, I embarked on intermittent travel and mountaineering expeditions through Africa, Europe, Mexico and the United States. In 1997 I met my husband and soon after we set out on a life changing adventure together. We sailed from San Diego, CA to the South Pacific and then north to Hawaii. The first leg of our two year trip was 3200 nautical miles at sea with no sight of land for 27 days. The passage was lonely, exhausting and hallucinatory yet it aroused my passion for the sea. No communication with the outside world forced me to acquire a deep sense of faith and secured my penchant for freedom. I began to understand what life was about, how fragile yet how capable we are. Then on the passage from Nuku Hiva to Oahu, I read House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and came to the realization that my next accomplishment was to become a mother. I still live in a California surf town and work as a commercial and fine art photographer.

Datum van publicatie  24 jan 2010

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