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I like to help. It's what I do..

I believe good design should be accessible to the everyman. Michelle & Andre should have a beautiful album of their wedding photographs; Rose should be able to compile her family recipes and history for her grandchildren; and Patrick is entitled to a unique gift for his friend who served in the air force (unable to link due to privacy).

So I invite you to feed me your requirements, and let me travel through your life! Everyone's got a book in them. What's yours?

Datum van publicatie  29 apr 2010

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  80 pags Kwaliteitspapier, glanzende afwerking

Categorie  Huwelijk

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joneekemp zegt

Really nice design. What software do you use to design Blurb books? i've been using Lightroom, but it's quite restrictive in terms of control over design elements.

geplaatst op 30 aug 08 09:13 (PST)


angelamay zegt

Love your layout style - very creative and visually appealing!

geplaatst op 13 aug 08 14:36 (PST)


lucyldridge zegt

thanks for sharing your super special day! Gorgeous shots! :)

geplaatst op 15 jul 07 18:16 (PST)


Tina888 zegt

These are the most beautiful wedding photos; love the layout.

geplaatst op 10 jul 07 04:07 (PST)

kenthallblurb staff

kenthall zegt

Very nice. I like this a lot.

geplaatst op 07 dec 12 14:22 (PST)


ncornelius zegt

love this design! Kudos!

geplaatst op 21 mei 05 08:07 (PST)

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