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DUMBO is a small ten-block patch located North West of Brooklyn, surrounded by two historic New York bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
The old warehouses and industrial buildings are a testimony of the neighborhood’s former character, when the area was a site for the construction of large metal units ordered by the nearby Brooklyn Navy Yard. Since the 1980’s, it has become a place of choice for artists. Some of DUMBO’s street walls have been used as a showcase for their art.
Despite a steady gentrification, DUMBO has kept a sense of its former soul. For how long? I wanted to publish this book before it changes dramatically.
This book is a collection of pictures taken during the last four years. They have not been arranged in a particular order, they’re just meant to capture the soul of DUMBO and its energy.


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gjgaudet Brooklyn, NY, USA
I'm a French freelance photographer based in New York City. Although I have been a photography-enthusiast since high school, I really became passionate about photography after moving to New York City. The cultural and urban diversity of the Big Apple, its ever-changing streets and cityscapes, have been a constant source of inspiration.

Datum van publicatie  27 jul 2010

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