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This book is about innovation—how to create value for people through new or improved services and products. Innovation doesn’t require unusual genius or creativity, but lately all the buzz surrounding innovation has made it look awfully complicated. Naked Innovation helps unveil some of the mysteries of the process—stripping it down to reveal structures that multidisciplinary teams can share. Once you see the underlying theory and the methods which flow from it, you’ll become even more effective at doing it yourself.


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Datum van publicatie  17 aug 2010

Afmetingen  Pocketformaat  198 pags Zwart-wit afdrukken (op crèmekleurig ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Zakelijk

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PheromoneAut zegt

Its very good

geplaatst op 26 jul 07 21:06 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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