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A piece of life spent between the United States and Switzerland, punctuated by brief trips back to France, my homeland.

These images from another age were created with a full-of-surprises, silver-based camera. Medium-format, incredibly cheap and made-in-China, the Holga camera has the peculiarity of being unusable until its light leaks have been sealed. That said, you might notice that peculiar beams of light invited themselves onto some photographs, sometimes successfully, thereby strengthening their impact.


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Aline Marandet
AMarandet Eglisau, Switzerland

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AMarandet zegt

Thanks Frank, I see you're a very experienced book maker as well as photographer, I am pretty new to this and am enjoing it thouroughly. Absolutely wonderful images you've got!

geplaatst op 14 ok 10 23:30 (PST)


frankLavelle zegt

Aline, nice use of the Holga. Thought you might enjoy my "Diana" which makes Holga look like Hasselblad! Check it out. Frank

geplaatst op 14 ok 10 13:47 (PST)


Shurik zegt

Beautiful book, congratulations!

geplaatst op 14 ok 10 13:41 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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