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Ever wonder what it would be like to sit on Santa's lap as an adult? Well don't, it's not pretty. That guy in the red suit likes to have a good time as much as you do. See for yourself.

We booked Santa and his Elves a week before Christmas for a good old fashioned Santa Xmas Photoshoot. This isn't your local mall though. Santa likes a mason jar full of vodka and cigarettes and surrounds himself with the naughtiest elves he can find.

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paul sabovik presents
paulsabov Seattle, WA
Hello. We spend our time sitting around thinking of how to create a good time for people. We hope to someday meet you at one of these occasions and that you too have a good time when you are there! If you'd like to know when the next great event is coming up please follow the link below and 'like' our page: Want to see all the great pictures you see in our books? Take your pic of great photo sharing sites, we're everywhere. Or see them in motion on YouTube or Vimeo:

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