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How are babies made? Isn't that one of life's greatest mysteries? If you find yourself asking this question then look no further! This is the book for you. In what is possibly the most chronologically, geographically, and culturally incorrect piece of fictions comes a tale on the high seas like no other. Sitting on the book shelves between the (false accused) drug influenced Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of the Carrabian comes the story of Captain Romeda ‘C'est Qu'Elle a Dit,’ a newly self proclaimed pirate with great plans to become the next Queen.
Join Romeda and her entire crew...
A barmaid with a score to settle
An elf with a dark past
A fallen star fox with sly intentions
And a gypsy with a long lost love
Be dumbfounded as they tackle bar after bar for money, fight the world's greatest pirate hunter, survive the deadliest storm, and go to war with an army of sirens all in the glory of becoming the greatest pirates in the world and rule from Las Vegas in the front seats of a 'bitchen camaro.'


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Datum van publicatie  20 feb 2011

Afmetingen  Trade-formaat  112 pags Zwart-wit afdrukken (op crèmekleurig ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Sciencefiction en fantasie

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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