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A Book of fun, hand painted etchings by artist/printmaker Deborah Maris Lader. Artwork was created from 2005--present. For more images:


Over de auteur

Deborah Maris Lader
Deborahmaris Chicago, IL USA
Deborah Maris Lader (Artist, Musician, Performer, Administrator) is Founder/Director of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative since 1989, and member of the touring Altfolk band, Sons of the Never Wrong. Deborah exhibits her prints, drawings, photography, and mixed media artwork internationally, and her work appears in many permanent collections. She has won numerous awards for her service to the artistic community, and is a member of the Mid America Print Council, the Chicago Artists Coalition and the American Print Alliance. Her artwork has most recently been exhibited at Galerie La Hune- Brenner in Paris, France. Other recent exhibitions include The Matrix Gallery, Loyola University Art Museum, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, New Leaf Editions (Vancouver) and the Boston North American Print Biennial. Deborah also plays guitar, mandolin, & banjo and writes songs and sings with her band, which recently released their 6th CD on Waterbug Records.

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degrand zegt

Deborah I am so happy you made a book so I could have something to look at while I wait for my print!! Amanda

geplaatst op 01 apr 04 08:22 (PST)


bvhalsema zegt

Hi Deb, this is such a cool book! I love being in the random thoughts in your head! Congratulations on a successful show in NYC,
see you soon,
Brenda Friedman

geplaatst op 01 apr 04 06:59 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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