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Cold War Street
Between 1974 and 1989 I visited both USSR and USA twice. I used the opportunity to make photographs of day-to-day life in the streets of the two superpowers.
In 1980, during Brejnev stable period, I travelled from Moscow to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Eight years later USSR was under the Perestroika effect and the signs of transformation were clear. Then I travelled from Moscow to Leningrad and Kiev.
My first trip to the USA took place in 1974. I spent August there, driving from New York to Florida, just at the time of Nixon's resignation. I went again in 1989, the year marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then I stayed in California and Nevada for a while.
USSR was dismantled in 1991, twenty years ago, and Cold War started to fade away.
I decided to publish my images of USSR and USA, side by side, even if they are not an exhaustive or systematic comparative collection.
I just want to provide a pleasant viewing experience. For older people, will bring about memories and, for the younger, will raise questions.
I hope.
Fernando Penim Redondo, Lisbon, Portugal.


Over de auteur

Fernando Penim Redondo
fredondo Lisbon, Portugal

Datum van publicatie  01 apr 2011

Afmetingen  Groot liggend  120 pags ProLine Uncoated-papier

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fredondo zegt

Thanks Anna

geplaatst op 16 mei 05 15:51 (PST)


ana9 zegt

Very-very interesting comparison. Especially for those who live in Russia or USA. With curiosity I turned every new page, looking forward what will be there.

geplaatst op 16 mei 05 13:22 (PST)

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