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In September 2010 I decided to start this photo project called Nude Fashion.

With this photos I want to show that the best fashion a woman can wear is her own skin.

For this, me and my team, looking for several kind of female models, showing their nude beautiful bodys in typical fashion shoots.


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DocE zegt

I'm not certain about the possibility of it even happening, but if famous Hollywood glamour photographers from the 1920s and 30s do indeed reincarnate after their deaths, then I'd be willing to bet the farm and all the livestock in the barn along with it that F. LaMar, the photographer responsible for the artful display in this recently published book of the possibilities inherent in photographic mastery of the glamour genre, is a definite candidate for being the reincarnate double of either Yousuf Karsh, George Hurrell, or even possibly a Steichen or Clarence Sinclair Bull.
I am the photo editor of an ad agency in the South Eastern states as well as often judging photo competitions (when time allows), and I can rightly say after reviewing this masterful book, that I have not seen, in a very long time, such an overt display of smooth, subtle variances in overall black and white contrast values, which as anyone familiar at all with what makes a really good black and white print great, will readily tell you is the key factor in determing whether a b& w photograph can be called rightly "true art" or "just another photo without any color in it." This critical contrast and tonal balance, along with an obvious display of compositional mastery establishes (in my mind, anyway) F. LaMar as a formidable, up and coming artist soon to be equal to some of the other great masters of this medium that I mentioned above. I hope Mr. LaMar or a representative of this intertesting photographic artist (or indeed anyone familiar with this artist) will contact me at the following email address:
D.Clay Edwards

geplaatst op 07 mei 05 18:31 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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