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This book leads the observer into another set of Dreams. This follows Stan's series of 4 books, Dreams, Within, Mystic and Visions.

In addtion, Stan has written short phases to help you along your mystic journey through-out the book.

The colorful images featured here can draw you into a realm of thought, light and spirit.

Enjoy your journey!


Over de auteur

Stanley Trujillo
stantruj Salt Lake City, UTAH

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1960. I had taken art classes in Jr. high, where my teacher saw that I was different from the rest of the students. He challenged me by giving me difficult things to draw and photograph. He always told me "you have the eye". I never understood that until later on in my life. I went on to take advanced art classes in high school.

I had fun with photography throughout my life but never really got into doing art with it until the year of 2003.

The 'digital age' made it more appealing to me, doing Art and Photography was a hobby. My partner, Clyde, a graphic designer, showed me a few basic editing functions and I found the medium for my expressions.
I spent hours teaching myself on how to blend different images into the art you see today.

The finished artwork comes from my imagination and most of my art images come directly from my dreams. I will have dreams about certain images over and over, until I get them created.

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barberelli zegt

So interesting with colors so vibrant! Such a pleasure to view your work!

geplaatst op 29 aug 08 06:07 (PST)

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