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2000 photos taken while driving 7 to 75 miles per hour in Central and Northern New Mexico.


Over de auteur

Monica Moran
monimagic Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Monica Moran was born in a Fiat on a road trip in the US to a traveling military family during a time of innocence and discovery. Raised in Europe during her formative years, cultural diversity was commonplace and later became the fodder for her full immersion, travel journalist lifestyle. Multimedia expression has presented itself in the form of an epic anthology of photography of this current round of talent so thoroughly embraced by the author. The most insipid subject becomes meaningfully adored in her gifted hands and her genuinely compassionate nature is reflected in the images she captures and displays for the visually starved. Ms. Moran's renaissance approach to the art of photography is respectfully modern and sensibly collectable. She is currently living in Yucatan, Mexico, photographing the region for an upcoming book based on her many years exploring the area and the Mayan culture.

Datum van publicatie  27 jun 2011

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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