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AMIGO...To meet someone and work with him over a period of six years has been exceptional. I refer to him as my MUSE. The photographs were made in Latin America at our house. It is there that I step back in time and make photographs in the old declining courtyard, with its available light. Or on a few occasions, out along the coastline.
Images were made on B&W film: colour images on digital cameras.
Several of these images are in private/public collections, have been exhibited in art galleries and presented with awards in juried shows.


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Terry W. Self
fotoself Colborne, Ontario, Canada
I create fine art photographs for art gallery exhibitions and for collectors of fine art photography. Worked with B&W film, but now create most images from digital cameras. Giclee prints are available for purchase shown in 2 Photographic Prints Blurb books, one landscapes/flowers/Santiago; the other the male figure studies. Prints are 12"x18" printed with pigment on textured watercolour paper. @

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nihp zegt

Really great shots. Very classic. And the model is stunningly beautiful.

geplaatst op 20 jan 01 03:44 (PST)


lcasado zegt

Excellent job, I love it. I will buy it as sson as I can.

geplaatst op 13 sep 09 07:31 (PST)


ChrisMTH zegt

Very great contrast of B/W image, Terry...(I was wondering if you were shooting with a film-loaded camera or a digital one at first...but after reading your descriptions then...I wanna say GREAT job, Terry). I like the tone very much.

geplaatst op 05 aug 08 00:58 (PST)

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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