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industrious flux
long island city

Brick dust layers the air. Quiet, yet, unsettled, the neighborhood streets rest momentarily. Manhattan's toothy shore grins across the water - all tips and tops and sparkle. Here, East of Eden, a body shop's crank and clank echoes through a garage door - a puffing press gasps loudly through a hundred mysterious windows. Such is the nature of the landscape long dominated by the presence of factory life.
An atmosphere of insular existence lingers - as if sometime between the mid to late 1800s and 1960 time stopped. In the last decade and with the removal of zoning restrictions, a time of transition, fast and full of ambition, is at work. The old factories and warehouses - some large as forts - keep watch as the ground shifts from all sides. What remains is telling.

Carol McCranie 2011

These photographs were all captured within the last decade. One stop on certain trains in and out of Manhattan and at one end of the 59th Street Bridge, this neighborhood of Queens is in the midst of a major transformation. I've witnessed firsthand these changes - the gradual and monumental. It is, indeed, the end and the beginning of an "era" in the history of Long Island City, Queens, New York.


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Carol McCranie
ouijabelle Long Island City, New York

Datum van publicatie  11 jul 2011

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  148 pags Kwaliteitspapier, glanzende afwerking

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