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Lada Photography
Lorilfisher Indianapolis, IN

Audi Cathcart and Lori Fisher live with a camera at arms reach. After years of capturing memories for family and friends, we decided to turn the dream into a reality! That's how two sisters became Lada Photography.

Our business is unique for several reasons... first and foremost, we are guided by our Christian principles. We serve our clients with love, respect, and understanding that glorifies God. Secondly, our creativity and love of photography always takes a back seat to our client. Our focus is always on the subject, and we are in the background. The foundation of our success is a combination of artistic talent and the ability to bring our "people personalities" to the business.

Lada Photography specializes in wedding photography. We also create beautiful children and senior portraiture, family portraits, and special event photography. We work in both beautiful outdoor locations as well as candid and formal indoor settings.

Our focus is to focus on you!

Datum van publicatie  01 mei 2008

Afmetingen  Klein vierkant  34 pags Standaardpapier

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