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Just Between Us by Ross Rawlings featuring previously unpublished images. Foreword by Wayne Ford and consisting of 39 photographs.

Foreword preview:
In his project titled Just Between Us, and ongoing body of work, young British photographer Ross Rawlings delves into the depths, and multi-faceted complexities of his own personal relationships, through a series of images which are marked by a level of emotional, and physical intimacy rarely seen before, and which bring to mind the work American artist Nan Goldin, and that of the Magnum photographer Antoine D’Agata, who have both produced extensive narratives exploring their own relationships.

In this ever expanding visual diary, Rawlings’ focuses on his relationship with his illustrator girlfriend, Charlotte, and seeks to investigate and question, not only his own relationship, but the very essence of relationships in their widest context. (Read more of Wayne Ford's intro in the book)


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Ross Rawlings
RossRawlings Falmouth, UK

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