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The Fotomatón is the brainchild of Vasileios Gretsistas, the name refers to the photo booth, which is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor. As a photo booth lover his artistic name came spontaneously.
The latest theme “Soñadores / Dreamers / Ονειροπόλοι” was originally inspired by the idea of positive thinking. The inner power that everyone has to achieve the valuable goals in life. This is the concept of the law of attraction.
The dreamers are trying to follow their dreams despite the difficulties and any problems that may occur. By dreaming their own reality they achieve their goals and settle new ones by visualizing themselves having their future goals.
Τhis photo-book is a fully tribute to the dreamers, for those who still believe in their dreams. It showcases the work during the years of 2010-2011 and includes the main photo session: “Soñadores”, plus seven others.



Over de auteur

Vasileios Gretsistas
ekleipsis Ioannina, Epirus, Greece

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shnanti zegt

Pp36-37 my favorite! Wonderful collection, V. Bravo!

geplaatst op 09 ok 10 17:06 (PST)


Nades_Azen zegt

Great work Bili, realy inspiring, keep it this way.It may be the first but from what i've seen i hope that it won't be the last.It's truly amazing and realy liked it.I am looking your book over and over again and i can't stop.Thumbs up...

geplaatst op 28 sep 09 03:50 (PST)


vana24 zegt

Great job Bill!i love your pictures!you are amazing!!!keep going this way!!!

geplaatst op 19 sep 09 06:08 (PST)


nikihel zegt

I am so amazed by your great job!You took the best out of your models!Keep up the good work!Can't wait for more!!!

geplaatst op 15 sep 09 03:44 (PST)


natachef zegt

A very inspired & unique approach to people's intimate daily moments.stwetl Engestrom

geplaatst op 14 sep 09 02:53 (PST)


veronbour zegt

Congratulations on ur great work!!!Can't stop looking at them.Waiting for more good stuff :)

geplaatst op 13 sep 09 11:11 (PST)


artemoula22 zegt

Congratulations for this wonderful book! A great idea with an equally perfect performance! can't wait to see what is next!!!!!

geplaatst op 12 sep 09 15:06 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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