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I've classified my picture book as a children's book because I think the paintings will appeal to kids of all ages. The poetry is about day-to-day things, like being afraid of the dark, or going swimming in the ocean. One poem is about the wild birds of Socorro, NM, another about Billy the Kid. Nothing in the book is inappropriate for kids, but as the parent, you'll have to decide what's good for your kids.
I love painting, I love kids, and I love writing. I decided it was time to marry my loves and make a book. I am working on a new book to go along with this one.


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jennifer pick
nfljen las cruces, nm
I'm a boston-bred, venezuelan-born artist living in new mexico with my husband and our two poodles, raspberry and carmelita, and our original raspberry monkeys, archie and pavel.

Datum van publicatie  09 sep 2011

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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