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A strange and gorgeous vision of a science fiction future, THE SPACE JOCKEY presents a photographic odyssey through a mystical lo-fi desert fantasy world. Grab your bike and pedal hard into a duststorm, into the unknown!

Tiny figures hold their own against vast physical and emotional landscapes, bizarre machines and fantastic creatures hover in the sky, while duststorms blast everything white.

Los Angeles based photographer CHRISTOPHER JORDAN BARRISH points his little plastic spyglass at a startling new world.

Each image is a blend of traditional photographic techniques and digital imagination, forging a uniquely personal dream language. Strung together, the panels are straight-up cinema.

Call it post-singularity visual fiction. Here, adventure heroes wander through a hallucinatory realm that may be the remote future or the long-lost past, in a stunning simplicity of man, sun, dirt, color, and hope.


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Chris Jordan
gametheory Los Angeles, CA, US

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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