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The First 70 Years? I have wended my way through
them, wanting to know everything, working hard, crying,
laughing. I have held hands with the dying and danced
elaborately, baked fabulous cakes and needlepointed
handsome men and beautiful women. I have honed my
senses and made the best use of them I could.

Mind, body, and soul. A united goal. Of equal weight.
I do not always manage to balance them, but the effort
continues. Friends help me with this. They are here for
me, as I am here for them.

Friends. This comes way at the top of my list of
what has kept me going all these years—especially
necessary for someone who loves being alone.

Right along with that is Honesty. When someone asks
me a question, asks for an opinion, reaches out, I have
no trouble saying what I believe directly without coloring
my response. This sometimes offends, sometimes
is welcomed. No matter. Those seekers always know
they can count on my response as from the heart.

Love? Without doubt, also right up there. Do I need to
say anything about Love? I believe, deep down, almost
everyone knows what Love is.

It's a mutual-admiration society, my friends and I.
I thank you all—current, disappeared, and to come.


Over de auteur

Santi Acosta / Lee Stump
stumpnyc Las Vegas, NV

Capturing the essence of a scene in a single instant, that which emerges @ the moment of conception, is what I find most rewarding. The challenge is not in depicting the forms but in recognizing the totality of the image. Magically infusing power into small incidents. Transforming everyday objects and moments into memorable icons. My interests are in exposing the inner-city spaces we inhabit. These Urban Landscape images transform into opportunities for formal, aesthetic, and social invention, blurring the sharp contours of fact and fiction, image and reality. To unite, when possible, the compositional rigor of documentary photography with the magic of Romanticism.

Lee and I have been working together for many years, not only as a creative partnership, but a life-long one as well. We invite you to examine our books, write opinions, and appreciatively purchase a few. We will be uploading new titles of our artography as time goes on. Please come back and visit us again.

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