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A number of events leading up to 2010 led me to take a sabbatical from my day job and pursue my passions while travelling and volunteering around the world. This photographic book is an opportunity for me to celebrate that journey and share a few of the connections and discoveries I made, both with the with the people I met and the places I explored. Having reached Antarctica during this journey, I have now fulfilled a life long dream to travel to every continent.


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Nilmini De Silva
travelbug62 Sydney, Australia
I am an Australian artist and engineer, passionate about travel, writing and photography. While I grew up in Sri Lanka, I spent 9 years in California and a year teaching English in South Korea before migrating to Australia in 1998. I now share a home in a northern suburb of Sydney with my partner where I wake up each day to the sounds and sights of the Australian bush. I am inspired by the natural world around me and by the sense of freedom and adventure in the people I meet while travelling. I have always had a 'spiritual' connection to nature and prefer to travel close to the ground so I can better connect with the local culture, people and the natural environment around me. I hope that these photographs will inspire you to discover, pursue and fulfill your own dreams.

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