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Panoramic Globe Project is a never-ending photographic excursion that includes more that 100 images taken in over thirteen countries.

Photography by Daniel Pradilla

©2011. Panoramic Globe


Over de auteur

Daniel Pradilla
pradaniel boulder, Colorado, USA

Although my business card reads art director, I find myself being a photographer, painter and at times a mad man frustrated in disciplines such as music and culinary arts. I have backpacked around the world and even volunteered in a non-profit aiding underprivileged children in South America. Thus far, I have achieved most of my dreams: I’ve taught in College, swam with great white sharks, rode elephants, jumped out of planes, cruised the skies in hot air balloons and attended the World Cup. However, in my book, there’s nothing like the taste of a spicy tongue taco from my favorite S.F. taco truck. In my leisurely life I’m a golfer, a soccer player, I smash the tennis ball, ride a good wave, or board a powdery slope. Did I mention I drank gasoline when I was two years old?

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