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This book does show full frontal male nudity, intended for adults.
Antonio is a 21 years old bodybuilder from Rio de Janeiro.


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paperjungle New-York/Paris/Rio de Janeiro...
Hello Everybody, Who am I ? Well , I am a french guy ... . I come from a small city outside Paris . My fascination with the male body started early. I was obsessed with masculine beauty since a that time ... the only way to see male nudity was in porn magazines . too ashamed to buy those mags ...i would sometimes steal them from the shop...i know it's bad karma !!:)... I decided to give photography a shot when I turned 22 ... bought myself an old Ricoh reflex camera for 55 $... and the story started from there... My first pictures were of the only guy I knew who had a defined body . Technically, I was not satisfied i did not dare showing them around . But after six months, I decided to take a chance and had a meeting with a small french gay magazine . To my surprise, the Art Director liked them...and decided to put them on the cover !!! Since then,i have ben crawling the world.....always searching and finding gorgeous guys willing to show "it" .....

Datum van publicatie  25 dec 2011

Afmetingen  Klein vierkant  80 pags Standaardpapier

Categorie  Holebi

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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