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Portfolio and Field Guide to the wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, offering the best jaguar photography and wildlife experiences that can be found in South America. The text is informative, covering natural history facts as well as incorporating excerpts from my field journals, and the images are a collection of Mary and my photography from 110 field days (collectively), featuring some spectacular jaguar images.


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Joe McDonald
JoeMcDonald McClure, PA., USA
For over 25 years I have been photographing nature and wildlife professionally, full-time. At the same time, our business has expanded 25 years ago to include leading photo tours and safaris worldwide, and in teaching photography and photoshop at our studio in central Pennsylvania. My wife, Mary Ann, and I have won 1st, 2nds, and 3rds in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year competition 14 times, more than any other husband/wife team. We have written over 36 books, including 7 how-to books on wildlife and nature photography. We are represented by multiple stock photo agencies worldwide, and our work has appeared in every major US nature publication.

Datum van publicatie  16 jan 2012

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