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Temples of Love is the story of extraordinary people who once inhabited this land. Free from inhibitions surrounding sex, what you can and can't do, these people pursued pleasure through music, dance, archery, swordsmanship, and yes, the group sex. Women were free to choose their partners and they tried every trick in the book to enhance their sexual pleasure.
This book, filled with dozens of soul stirring photographs, provides a rare glimpse of how these people lived their lives in a conflict free society, centering their attention on just one thing: how to maximize their daily pleasures and lead a life of creative contentment.


Over de auteur

Surinder Deol
Surin Potomac, MD USA
I love writing, travel to exotic places, and taking photos with my Canon SLR that make the images come to life. I am excited about the publication of my debut novel in 2012.

Datum van publicatie  29 feb 2012

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  50 pags Standaardpapier

Categorie  Sex en relaties

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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