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A beautifully illustrated book compiled from years of experience as a performer and graphic artist. The book contains a new modern approach to the Tarot and includes a deck of cards that can be printed and readings to be done directly. A deck will be offered in the near future.


Over de auteur

fred braat
fredbraat wedderburn, nsw, australia
I have become a virtual sculptor making art in 3D. Now my exploits in 3D are photographic records of virtual sculpture installations, presented as limited edition prints and books. My works live in the world of whimsy and are circus like carnival environments in its abstracted forms , enjoy.

Datum van publicatie  01 mar 2012

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Categorie  Zelfhulp

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Metaphysical Models - Schone kunsten fotoboek
Gepubliceerd op 27 apr 2013
... a little noted, book ... - Schone kunsten pocket en trade-boek
Gepubliceerd op 09 dec 2011
BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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