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This is a project for my Typography IV-Publication class. My instructor, Susanne Manheimer has been trying to inspire the students and the design community with a new view on art. An art movement called Artism ("Rtsm") expresses design and art through the use of our most familiar symbols that we see, use, and pass by every day. Through concept and design this movement is bringing a new experience to the art and design world.
The goal of this project was to create a children's book that is Artism.
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chris cappilla
cappa12434 Agoura Hills, CA, USA

Always having a passion in all forms of art, I feel that graphic design has opened me up to the freedom in exploring everything from photography, to motion graphics, to sculpture, to illustration, to art and crafts, and to typography. As a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Los Angeles I have been able to see that the opportunities are endless and that the connection in art is through design. I believe my portfolio to be well-rounded with projects from freelance jobs, school projects, and my personal work.

I am always trying to improve, learn and be inspired.

Creating here in Southern California

Datum van publicatie  03 mar 2012

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