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Adrian Kleinbergen's epic tale of love, loss, betrayal and flight takes Captain Marla Fireclaw far beyond the lands she knows. Lieutenant William Longburrow, a member of a race she despises, gradually earns her trust, her respect and finally, her love. Then, he strands himself in a danger-strewn wasteland to save her life. his sacrifice will put them and their culture both on the road to redemption.


Over de auteur

Adrian Kleinbergen
Frohickey Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Adrian Kleinbergen (born 1961) is a Canadian artist, born in Edmonton, Alberta. Along with drawing and painting, he does jewelry design and manufacture, sculpture, caricature, writing, costuming, and even magic. He started in comics in 1987, penciling, inking and coloring Starstone and Darkewood for Aircel Publishing in Ottawa, Canada. He ran his own publishing company, Ground Zero Graphics, which published The Shadowalker Chronicles in 1991 (Starstone, Darkewood, and The Shadowalker Chronicles were created and written by Gordon Derry of Ottawa, Canada). Kleinbergen was the primary artist and a columnist for the national magic magazine, The Servante. He was one of the original artists for On Spec and Neo-opsis magazines, doing both covers and interior art.
Kleinbergen’s most recent comics project is the 2001 graphic novel, Frontiers, written and drawn by him and published by MU Press. Kleinbergen has also worked as a professional comics inker for a variety of magazines and artists.

Datum van publicatie  22 mar 2012

Afmetingen  Trade-formaat  96 pags Zwart-wit afdrukken (op crèmekleurig ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Strips en beeldromans

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