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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the second Leica User Forum Charity Book.

Our first book was published in 2010 and raised over £12,500 / €15,000 / US$19,500 for our chosen charity, The Association for International Cancer Research and I am very pleased that we are again supporting this extremely worthwhile cause. AICR has one simple doctrine - to fund the best cancer research it can find, regardless of where in the world it is carried out. Our contribution helped support their funding of 50 projects in 15 countries in 2010/11

This year, we have chosen to restrict the book to the 100 best photographs submitted to the judging panel. The standard of submission was at least as high this year as last time and the panel had an extremely difficult task in choosing the ones for inclusion. Unfortunately, this means that 167 submitted shots did not make the final 100 - we could easily have made two books. However, the 100 chosen are the work of over 60 Forum Members and are a testament to the talented people who contribute so much to the Leica community. 23 different cameras were used in the making of the book, the vast majority of which were Leica's current flagship rangefinder, the M9. Only 13 of the shots were made using film. Once again, the mosaic on the back cover shows all of the submissions.

Our grateful thanks go to the three companies who have supported us so generously since the start of the 2010 project, Leica, AICR and Blurb. The Twitter and Facebook campaign that Leica organised on the back of the 2010 book allowed them to donate €3,000 to the project, which was a fabulous boost for all concerned and AICR have been very supportive through their own marketing department, social media work and general encouragement. The book was sold last time through the "Blurb for Good" system, whereby for every book sold, Blurb donated £1.

I hope that you enjoy the content of this book as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Any typos are entirely down to me, and I apologise in advance for them.

As I type this, the 2012 Book has raised £3,870 and with the contributions from each book sold, including this one, this total will quickly rise - thank you.

Andy Barton
March 2012


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The Leica User Forum
LUFBook2012 Worldwide
This book was put together on behalf of all the members of the Leica User Forum who contributed to this year's charity book, raising money on behalf of AICR.

Datum van publicatie  29 mar 2012

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