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Hardback or eBook containing photographic tips and examples using photos taken in Israel. Suitable for the coffee table and as a photography or art, student resource. Also suitable for entry level photographers wanting to know how to take better photos.


Over de auteur

Jennifer Phillips
citwings Newlands Court, Mount Nathan, QLD, Australia
Jennifer Kathleen Phillips is renowned for her visual poetry and art, which sometimes has a prophetic flavour. She is also a qualified preacher and webmaster and also writes song. She has won awards for her academic excellence including the title of "Massey Scholar" for graduating in the top 5% of university students and the "Victoria Gibbons Memorial Prize" for her Church History research. Over the years Jennifer has taught a range of subjects at different levels. Her publications also cover a range of topics including, photography, poetry, art, information technology, theology, Biblical studies and education. Jennifer has been a volunteer, committee member and president in a range of groups, including Multifocus and the ACT branch of the Australian Federation of Graduate Women (AFGW).

Datum van publicatie  29 mar 2012

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Categorie  Kunst en fotografie

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