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Catalog of the International photo-art exhibit: Stars: A Way to the Big Picture held in Moscow, Russia from December 23rd, 2011 - January 10th, 2012 at the Contemporary Art Center M'ars.


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Workshop on the Mount
janezseversj Moscow, Russia
The Workshop on the Mount Institute of Philosophy, Theology and History of St. Thomas Moscow, Russia The Workshop on the Mount is a group of photographers and artists who are both engaging in contemporary art and seeking God. From its very beginnings, the Workshop has been open to faith and interpersonal dialogue. Prompted by an inspired imagination, the Workshop dedicates itself to liberating creativity. Mission: The mission of the Workshop on the Mount is to create art which is about life and which also gives life by helping artists become more aware through a creative process open to Divine inspiration in their art. The main goal of the Workshop is to help people on their journey toward meaning, spiritual awareness and intention in their lives. Artists become more creative when spiritually aware. Their art is able to “speak” about today’s most important questions, investigate the layered depths of reality and offer a sacred space where one may find inspiration and, perh

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