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Voir is an exciting insight into the world of fashion through the eyes of Jyoti Matoo the incredible stylist, and Luke Walwyn photographer. Inspired by leading-edge fashion magazines, this volume has been put together to showcase both their individual and joint talents, with a strong art-directed editorial bias to give it a contemporary fashionistic feel.


Over de auteur

Luke Walwyn
Kuel Leeds, London UK

Avant-Garte is a creative studio which brings together a powerful blend of graphic design, illustration, photography, digital image manipulation and strong art-direction.

Attention to detail, energy, application, dedication, exclusivity, unorthodox design and a large hint of passion underpins all that we do. If it doesn't speak for itself then it isn't Avant-Garte!

We create artwork for commercial application - bespoke, unique, powerful, seductive. We work long hours to our creative end; we'll draw or paint, use a camera or a mouse, vision or sound, so long as it is different, arresting, engaging. We want to appeal to emotion through lifestyle and fashionable imagery, we aim to inspire and we make it work.

Luke Walwyn - Artistic Director

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juicehunt77 zegt

Might be interesting for me. Good luck Luke!

geplaatst op 10 sep 09 01:08 (PST)

BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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