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This volume will be vitally interesting to people of all persuasions. That's true, even if you are a hunter, a cook, an artist, or an alcoholic. Or like all people that grieve when a loved one passes away, or worry about the state of our nation's politics, our environment and our shared future. Even if riding horses or biking is your main interest. The book is written with wit, speed and conviction and the art work is convincing, at times sad or funny, or just illustrative and beautiful.
The author is Joe Shannon, whose past and present include being a writer, an artist, art critic, curator, teacher and exhibit designer. And, oh yes, a cook and a hunter! The book is a series of poetic essays ("Poesays") and illustrations by the author. They are autobiographical and reflective on our contemporary world and the work of a mind with countless opinions and good ideas too! Read, View, Enjoy!


Over de auteur

Joe Shannon
joemarhan Dickerson,Maryland, USA

Datum van publicatie  26 apr 2012

Afmetingen  Standaard staand (origineel formaat  112 pags Kwaliteitspapier, glanzende afwerking

Categorie  Schone kunsten

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