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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first cherry trees being planted in Washington, D.C., this updated edition includes photos taken during this year's all too brief (and early) appearance of the blossoms. Also included are selected photos of the flowering trees taken during the past ten years that I've been visiting the Tidal Basin and surrounding areas.

New this year is the newly completed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which stands besides the Tidal Basin. Several of the new photos in this book are of this magnificent monument.


Over de auteur

Harvey A. Duze
hduzeph Germantown, Maryland
Over 40 years of professional and creative photographic and graphic design/desktop publishing experience, including handling a wide range of corporate and editorial location and studio photographic assignments, graphics to illustrate presentations and both print and Web-based publications, logos and corporate identities and the creation of both speaker-support and self-running "kiosk" PowerPoint presentations, and Web-based HTML and Flash slideshows. While the majority of my work has been done in the Northeast, U.S., I've also traveled to other parts of the U.S. and Canada, as well as overseas to Ireland and Italy. In recent years, urban and rural landscapes, nature and people have been my favorite photographic subjects.

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