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A 112 page photo journey of Australia that includes The Corner Country, Channel Country, Gulf Country, The Top End, The Kimberley and The Red Centre.
"The Outback"
The Outback is the vast, remote, arid area of Australia, however, the term colloquially can refer to any lands outside the main urban areas. The term "the outback" is generally used to refer to locations that are comparitively more remote than those areas named "the bush".

The outback is home to a diverse set of animal species, such as the kangaroo, emu and dingo. While the interior of Australia is regarded as arid, there is amazingly many permanent waterholes and wetlands in what is regarded as desert. The remoteness and isolation with the water is home to a vast variety of birds. The marginally fertile parts are primarily utilised as rangelands and have been traditionally used for sheep or cattle grazing.


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Graham Kay
grahambkay Melbourne, Australia

Datum van publicatie  16 mei 2012

Afmetingen  Groot liggend  112 pags ProLine Pearl-fotopapier

Categorie  Kunst en fotografie

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