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This book is a labor of love. It holds over 35 images that I have created over the years using oil, cross-processed photography, digital imaging, and pencil. Some of the work was done in college. All of the subjects are dear friends that were willing to donate their time. I hope you enjoy it. This book has the same images as the 1st edition, however, I tweaked some formatting and added a few thank yous.


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Karen DeGuire
artgurl23 Saint Louis, MO
I am an artist with the soul of an engineer. I love making art- painting, drawing, sculpting, you name it. However, making a living as an artist is pretty tough these days. My BFA is in Theatrical Costuming with a minor in Art. I decided to go the route of the slightly less hard to make a living at- Theatre. I worked at various professional companies over the years, and found the egos were too much to take. (And I'm not talking about the actors!) Also, it was hard to find theatre work year round. So, I decided to try my hand at costuming/fashion solo and founded Curious Cat Clothing.

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