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Valeriy Latypov
MysteryLight Russia, Moscow... World
For me photo is not just a flat image: it is part of our space and time, it lives by its laws. There is only a moment of "now", be it magical mystery of marriage, an emotional report from the concert, the mystical meaning of genre pictures or quietly meditative nature of the landscape. Accommodation, self-awareness in it - that is the foundation of life. In shooting I prefer the vivid emotions and drive, the moment that requires lightning-fast response and a constant awareness. During the wedding photo shoots, I use an individual approach, fully revealing the potential of each couple. For me, working with the newly-married couple - a unique opportunity to expand the scope of the ordinary. The experience that we have, living intimate moments together, sublimated into a new harmonious attitude. Before the ceremony, we meet and talk, as a result become friends who understand each other perfectly. After this shoot turns into a game where everyone tends to be disclosed, and beauty.

Datum van publicatie  01 jun 2012

Afmetingen  Groot vierkant  70 pags ProLine Uncoated-papier

Categorie  Huwelijk

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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