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This is a book of my poetry and artwork done over the last forty years. There are 36 art images and 15 photographs in this book.


Over de auteur

Denise Fulmer
dfvoice11 Conway, SC USA

I am an artist who also has Parkinson's Disease. I graduated college with a BA in art. My junior year I received a scholarship for excellence in creativity. During my lifetime I have worked as a waitress, an art supply salesperson, a technical illustrator, an interpreter-tutor for adult hearing impaired students, a weaver, a reading tutor for adults, a doll maker, and a caregiver. I am self-taught in 6 different areas: sewing, weaving, doll making, computers, digital photography, and in creating books here at I hope you will enjoy my work. It reflects my interests over the past 4 decades. Much time and effort has gone into everything I have done. Five of my books are on sale at here:

Here are my other websites:

Datum van publicatie  04 jun 2012

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Categorie  Poëzie

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