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This book tells the tale of a guy on the road with a pad and pen, a dog, tons of miles to cover, and no shortage of inspiration.
With my wife in Michigan for her day job, I grabbed my art supplies, the dog, and hit the road to pick her up. The trip from Telford, Pennsylvania to Kalamazoo, Michigan and back again via Canada is documented in this sketchbook in chronological order.


Over de auteur

Harry Boardman
Harry Boardman is an artist living and working in the woods of Montgomery County, PA. Embracing his surroundings, he is particularly inspired to paint local landscapes, botanicals, and animals. His work is known for bold outlines, thick paint, defined brushstrokes, abstracted shapes, and unique compositions. There is no underlying commentary on politics or social observations in the work. Instead, Harry aims to work with excellent materials to share his vision of the world with an emphasis on using unique techniques and/or materials in surprising ways. Harry is also a skilled portrait artist accepting commissions for portraits of people, pets, and houses.

Datum van publicatie  02 jul 2012

Afmetingen  Pocketformaat  36 pags In kleur afdrukken (op wit ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Schone kunsten

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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