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It started out as a niche and has blown into a full on culture of its own; anime fans, or otaku, have created a community that centers on cosplay and anime conventions. With nearly 100 conventions, or cons as they are called, across the United States, the obsession is alive and growing. Pink and blue wigs are the norm, with Japanese endearments shouted about, at a con with 1,500 to 40,000 attendees.

The craft is of the most importance, with cosplayers spending hours bent over the newest costumes and props. For many, every con is a chance to cosplay a new character that has been proudly hand made.

A community has been intricately woven throughout the years and number of cons. Friendships have begun and continue even after the con closes its doors, with long lasting relationships and families born after years of attending cons. As a cosplayer myself, I capture the community which has become my magical home away from home.

During the year of 2011, I attended 12 conventions throughout United States and Europe, numerous other cosplay events and private shoots. After traveling thousands of miles, endless hours of hard work (and play), I have accumulated over 25,000 photos.
This is my end product: Cosplayers 2011.


Over de auteur

Judith Stephens
dreamerworld New York

I spend my weekends and free time documenting the cosplay and costuming culture of North America.

Datum van publicatie  05 aug 2012

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