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Fine Art Edition (98p, Fine Art Paper, 30x30cm), limited to 500 copies.
Edition Fine Art (98p, papier Fine Art, 30x30cm), limitée à 500 exemplaires.

- eBook Edition (iPad, iPhone, iPod...): 5,99€

- Magazine Edition (92p, 22x28cm): 23,95€

- Regular Book Edition (90p, 20x25cm): 49€

BISHNOIS - Ecologists since the 15th century

For over five centuries, men and women living in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India, have been willing to give their lives to protect wild animals and trees, living with them in total harmony after considering them as members of their family. Recognized as the world first ecologists, the Bishnois, which means 29 in local language, are following the 29 rules established in 1485 AD by guru Jambheshwar. This followed an apocalyptic environmental vision that showed mankind slowly digging its own grave.
Many individuals, from various casts, have joined this movement. Today over 600,000 Bishnois are fighting to preserve nature and wildlife in the Thar desert.


BISHNOIS - Ecologistes depuis le XVe siècle

Depuis le XVe siècle, des hommes et des femmes vivant dans le désert du Thar au Rajasthan, en Inde, sont prêts à donner leur vie pour protéger les animaux sauvages et les arbres avec lesquels ils vivent en symbiose jusqu’à les considérer comme des membres de leur famille. Reconnus comme les premiers écologistes du monde, les Bishnoïs - les 29 en langue locale - suivent les 29 règles établies par leur prophète, Jambheswhar, suite à une vision apocalyptique en 1485, où l’Homme méprisait l’environnement et creusait sa propre tombe.
De nombreux individus, issus de plusieurs castes, ont adhéré à l’époque à ce mouvement spirituel. Aujourd’hui, plus de 600 000 Bishnoïs se battent pour préserver la nature et la vie sauvage du désert du Thar.


Over de auteur

Franck Vogel
franckvogel Paris, France

Franck Vogel works as a freelance photojournalist on social and environmental issues for the international press (Paris Match, GEO, Le Monde magazine, NRC Weekblad, Animan, Discovery magazine…).

Since 2007, he has focused on the unique relationships between Nature and Human beings to show the World that it’s possible to live in harmony. Most reportage depict the worst, Franck decided to bring hope. In India, his story on the Bishnois, the world’s first environmentalists, illustrates this in the best way. This work has been published all over the world, including GEO magazine for its special 30th anniversary in 2009, and featured inside Parisian Metro stations in 2011 (Montparnasse) and 2012 (Luxembourg). Over 12 million visitors have seen those huge exhibitions. To give a wider audience, Franck wrote and co-directed a 52 min documentary film for France 5, "The Bishnois, India’s eco-warriors", broadcasted in June 2011.

He is ambassador for Green Cross France, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev's NGO.

Datum van publicatie  31 aug 2012

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