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One man, a passion for street art, a roll of film and a plastic toy analogue camera! London Street Art is the first of a collection of books produced by Around The World With A Toy Camera. It captures a snap shot of the striking works of art that adorn the streets of London, as seen through the lens of an analogue camera. London Street Art recognises three of the most highly regarded and influential artists; C215, Roa and Stik.//


Over de auteur

Giorgio Giussani
giorgious London, UK
Italian born Giorgio has lived and worked for many years in London as a Graphic Designer. In his spare time, he combines his love for travel and film photography. Preferring less conventional trips, Giorgio has captured wonderfully surreal and iconic shots on his travels around the world.

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giorgious zegt


Thank you very much!! nice book is one of my fave cities!

geplaatst op 01 dec 12 14:12 (PST)


antoninimang zegt

Hi Giorgio,
great book! Have you seen Berlin Walls?

geplaatst op 01 dec 12 01:23 (PST)

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