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Love is a verb.

Photographers across photo sharing platforms have come together to make "Love", a compelling compilation of images that span the Continents. Using love as their guide, each photographer shows us visually what love means frame by frame and page by page. Love is a tangible display of a close knit community to support one of our fellow creatives in his fight against cancer. Oceans may separate our artists physically but love binds us to one another.

As our artists tell their stories we hope you will also find your story contained in the pages.

Contributors to "Love"
Anna Cox - Asia Janczak - BP - Bridgette Shima - Carlotta Bruno - Christian Baric - Christina Nordam Andersen - David Norbut - Francesco Castiglione - Gabriele Migliaccio - Giulio Giacconi - Graham Preston - Grechen Steele - Heidi Kehler Taylor - Jane Schultz - Jen L. Phillips - Joanna Dunford - Johnny Michael - Kael Rebick - Laura Peischl - Layal Arous - Leif Stark - Leisa Doherty - Marco Sartori - Marita Hodges - Matt Coch - Melanie de Krassel - Mellow Longfellow - Meredith Peyrot - Mike Hill - Naomi - Nei Cruz - Niall O’Leary - Nicholas Carron - Nikos Nikiforakis - Ope Odueyungbo - Raffamuffin - Rianne van de Kerkhof - Richard Koci-Hernandez - Sabine - Sam Smotherman - Sarah Mizrahi - Scott Johnson - Star Rush - Stefano Lauriola - Tammy George - Tara Morelli - Thomas Kakareko - Tim O’Brien - Tina Berg - Tony Marquez - Yvonne Bouman


Over de auteur

We Are Juxt
WeAreJuxt Seattle International

Ju-xt: [juhk-st] Verb.
A community initative for mobile arts communication

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Datum van publicatie  23 jan 2013

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