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The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River form the backdrop for most of the 30 poems in this chapbook. Written by a life-long kayaker and rafter.


Over de auteur

Diane Benninghoff
dbenninghoff Colorado Springs, CO
Benninghoff began kayaking in the early 1970s, paddling most of the great western rivers. Beginning in the late 1980's also learned to row a raft, and has rowed the Colorado River through Grand Canyon several times. In addition to private river running, she has organized trips for the alumni of Colorado College with commercial companies, primarily on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. After many unsatisfactory attempts to capture the special experience of river running, the poems in "Anticipation: Poems of the River" finally took shape.

Datum van publicatie  29 mei 2009

Afmetingen  Pocketformaat  48 pags Zwart-wit afdrukken (op crèmekleurig ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Poëzie

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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