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A moving saga witnessing the life and times of this hardworking woman. A tribute to a generation that was built on love, sacrifice, and "nose to the grindstone" work ethic.

An indepth look at this dying breed of lady farmers and how their stature and influence can impart ethical will, prophecy, and new hope to future generations.

In these times of our struggling society revisited by a "depression-era" woman, we see the light of moving forward with a positive peace in our hearts that knowing even in the darkest hours the sun will rise again tomorrow.

We can see through her eyes that dreams can come true although at times they may be masked by other venues.

As her descendants of life's chores we applaud this woman, "The Cowgirl", Betty Mae Susen Baker and hold her in our hearts forevermore.

A moving tribute written by her son for her 80th birthday celebration.


Over de auteur

Dennis Baker
cdrbakerusn Cochecton, New York, USA
Commander Baker served 28 years in the United States Navy, and over 10 years as an educational administrator. He is the author of "Man of the Century” featured in Uncovered Dreams, which was given to Jimmy Stewart in tribute to his life influence to others, and honored military service. Dr. Baker also has to his credit, poetry “One Time Around” featured in Dream Quest, American Poetry Awards. He has authored over 200 human interest stories and technical articles. Dennis has been a volunteer for non-profit organizations, St. Francis Wildlife, and served as the Florida Coordinator for the national non-profit organization, “Sunshine Kids Foundation”, in support of kids with cancer, based out of Houston, Texas. Recently he published "Restless Hearts, What if Fallen Heroes Could go Home?" It's a story of five fallen heroes who go home in search of closure to their lives.

Datum van publicatie  25 jun 2009

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Categorie  Biografieën en memoires

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MandyMillsW zegt

I've read the preview and it sounds wonderful, though I have to admit I've heard much about the Cowgirl in person...even meeting her once. I'd love to buy the book...but there's a catch; the author needs to contact me first. DR. Baker...not too shabby! Mandy (your first daughter from a million years ago)

geplaatst op 28 jan 01 19:46 (PST)

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