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Adventures in the Boundary Water Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.


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Wendy Jukich
wjukich Duluth, Minnesota
My books reflect the love of nature and animals that I have had since I received my first 35mm SLR in 1975. I had a Nikon D50 digital camera and loved it! I have upgraded to a Nikon D80. My husband dropped that one and while it was being repaired, I got a Canon 30D to use and will be comparing the quality of the two. If you are interested in any of my photos, contact me at

Datum van publicatie  09 ok 2009

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  80 pags Standaardpapier

Categorie  Reizen

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hookkids zegt

Hello Wendy :
What a beautiful and peaceful journey it was to go through the pages of your book . Great job
Please check out my daughters first book ( Underneath the caribbean moon ) by Lauren Bullers
Thank You

geplaatst op 01 nov 11 17:11 (PST)


wjukich zegt

EverBGreen - he may know the difference, but I don't - I get off pretty easy until the wind blows then I just keep paddling! As for the camera - I had a Nikdon D80 and he did drop it - he went to Florida to see his son play baseball for the Cincinatti Reds AA team and he dropped it on the sidewalk - it took 8 weeks to get repaired, so I had to get another camera - got a Canon D40 and now can't decide which to keep - love different features on each. I also, now have insurance on both camera! He is still a keeper, though. I don't think I could handle a canoe and rushing waters! Glad they are safe!

geplaatst op 28 ok 10 19:06 (PST)


EverBGreen zegt

Wendy, so long as your husband knows the difference between a C stroke and a J stroke, and drops your camera on the ground but not the lake, he's a keeper if he helps get you to such a great setting. I live not far from the Adirondacks and regret not making it more of a point to get there. My relatives here were in the news upon being dumped out of their canoe in rushing waters. That was quite a scare to open up and first see the article! You've got my vote.

geplaatst op 28 ok 10 03:28 (PST)


SneezyB87 zegt

Wendy - So enjoyed your BWCA Book! So many of you photos were so like my own Beloved Beaver Lake here in Victoria, B.C. Where I wander almost daily, snapping the same wonderful nature pictures of old growth trees, stumps, water shots and so I felt quite at home in your Minesota photos. Well done. Also thank you for your kind comments on my book, 'Over the Rainbow Bridge' You made my day! EBW

geplaatst op 27 ok 10 08:38 (PST)


b5ml zegt

nice work Wendy :) If you get a chance, please support my book in the Travel section.

geplaatst op 26 ok 10 08:41 (PST)


sherisk8z zegt

Hi Wendy! Your book is beautiful! What a peaceful looking place!
Thanks for the comments about my book, "Yours, Unconditionally".

geplaatst op 24 ok 10 17:05 (PST)

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