The Story Behind the Book

Sometimes an author comes along with a story we have to share. We created the Blurb Storytelling Series to do just that. Enjoy — and come back often for inspiration, ideas, and new stories.

More Video Stories

Storytelling Series: “Last Call” by Judith Stenneken

Photography Book Now 2010 Grand Prize winner Judith Stenneken talks about the evocative images in her winning book "Last Call," and tells us why she chose Berlin’s now-closed Templehof Airport as her subject. See more of Judith’s photography on her website.

Storytelling Series: “Room 217” by Rebecca Kee

Elementary school teacher and Blurb author Rebecca Kee shares the secret behind motivating her second-grade students to become enthusiastic writers.

Storytelling Series: “The Power of Pain” by Rich DeSalvo

From a high-flying career on Wall Street through years of pain and four spinal surgeries, Blurb author Rich DeSalvo recounts the grueling physical and mental journey that transformed his life. His story is chronicled in The Power of Pain, available in the Blurb Bookstore.

Storytelling Series: “Remember Me” by Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham tells the story behind her Blurb book about her grandfather’s life. See how she used illustration, collage, and photography to create a memorable, beautiful tribute. Check out other Blurb books by Lesley.

Storytelling Series: “Dutch” by Nate Van Dyke

Blurb peeks into the studio of San Francisco-based illustrator and comic artist Nate Van Dyke, getting a look into his dark creative world and discovering "Dutch," the future-primitive ape character who serves as Nate’s alter ego.

Storytelling Series: “Eat/Gather” by Alanna Macgowan

Blurb author Alanna Macgowan brings together the Japanese-American community from her childhood, and documents the food culture that may be dying out. Check out Alanna’s book in the Blurb Bookstore.

Storytelling Series: Daniel Milnor

Travel along with photographer Dan Milnor on a shoot in the New Mexico desert. Dan talks about visual storytelling, the importance of light in his documentary-style black-and-white photography, and why he’s gone back to shooting film. Read more about Dan’s work on his blog, and look through his books in the Blurb Bookstore.

Storytelling Series: Watch “iPhoneographer” and bookmaker Richard Koci Hernandez in action

Emmy award-winning multimedia journalist and passionate iPhoneographer, Richard Koci Hernandez, takes to downtown San Francisco for inspiration and explains the role of the book in his camera phone photography.