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Edo Ankum
EdoAnkum Bennekom/the Netherlands
Having worked as a lawyer for 10 years it was time for a change. Edo bought sailing yacht Sally Lightfoot and set sail with his young family for a 5 year circumnavigation of Africa. He published a series of articles and two books on the voyage ( Back ashore Edo has taken up sailing professionally; with managing and part time skippering classic sailing yacht Lady Ann ( and with expedition vessel Long Tall Sally on the drawing boards ( In the mean time 4x4 overland travelling has become another passion; and yet another way of life to publish about. So travelling with his family or professionally: Edo does the writing and photographing along the way.

Datum van publicatie  18 jul 2012

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  260 pags Standaardpapier

Categorie  Reizen

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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