Kim Jones

Bend, OR

Kim Jones’s acrylic paintings are dramatic with their deep, rich earthy tones, ranging from mossy greens, through the yellows and terracottas of packed clay soil, to startling bright orange-red. Kim combines colors in such a way as to evoke feelings of comfort and pleasure. Her paintings have a rustic, organic beauty about them. Kim often paints on a large scale, which comes naturally from her years as a muralist.

Kim, a self- taught artist, has an Interior Design background, which has motivated her to bring warmth, through her art, into people’s homes. Kim has a keen eye for color and can customize her paintings to match any interior.

Kim’s style and subject matter are always changing, but her work has a contemporary feel. She enjoys painting still-life as well as bold landscapes and colorful abstracts. Her vast diversity of work is available for viewing and purchase at: www.kimjonesartist.com

Please contact Kim Jones at her studio at 541-382-7558 or 541-419-1243

Boeken door Kim Jones