J Marie


I am a mom of a blended family of five. I am an aspiring writer, aspiring mental health counselor and aspiring.. to be great at life. I used to be a bartender & waitress, that career lasted 8 years. I quit when I met my fiancé and high tailed to a new state. Turns out I actually want to help people - not help people get drunk. So, with the new found support - from my fiancé - after many years lack of while a single mom, I am moving forward with my true dreams that I had put in last place for too many years. I would like to showcase my talents and strengths. I am determined to do so. Now, I realize that "Quotes from the Dick and Dog" doesn't really exhibit what I'm really trying to do here, but it's a jumpstart to my writing career that I aspire to have and it helps out my good ole friends, Dick & Dog.

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